For more than two years, filmmaker Bruno Tracq has followed Fabienne Roelants and Christine Watermez, two Brussels anesthesiologists among the most renowned hypnosurgery specialists. Two different, complementary personalities united by their incredible complicity and sense of humor.

Following their work day after day, the film unveils a fascinating practice that accompanies medical gestures, cesarean sections, and surgical procedures. During these operations, Fabienne’s and Christine’s voice are able to recompose an entire reality. Their words take the patient’s mind on a journey while the surgeon is taking care of their body in the operation room.

Through their constant concern toward their patients, which re-humanizes these intimate and fragile relations, the two practitioners successfully manage to rebuild what the modern hospital system had damaged: caring not only for bodies, but for entire persons. They give back their power to stories, their faculties to patients, and a sense of necessity to imagination.

The film seeks invent a new way of taking care of spectators. Its elaborate aesthetics offers a new way of considering the hospital. But the director also invites the spectators inside these “other worlds.” Blending documentary, long-distance shots and visual effects, Bruno Tracq immerses us inside the patients’ extraordinary travels and the mesmerizing places they visit while their bodies lie open on the surgery table.

The film highlights the contrast between an eminently technical western medicine and an almost spiritual practice relying on human bounds. As hospital medicine is subjected to hellish working conditions and profit targets, and as the Covid-19 crisis has replaced the figure of the care worker at the center of society, Ma voix t’accompagnera offers an inspired, dreamlike tribute to the nearly magical powers of these two everyday heroines.

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